Project Area B

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The interplay of chronic pathogens with the immune system

The innate and acquired mechanisms of the immune system play central roles in the control of chronic infections. Many pathogens have developed their own mechanisms by which they can evade components of the immune system. Important aspects of this interplay between pathogen and host during the establishment of a chronic infection are being investigated in the section B projects. Particular emphasis is placed on persistent herpesviruses.

The infection research with regard to immunological aspects on viral and bacterial pathogens can display common features of these different agents.

Projects in project area B

B1 – Förster / Messerle

Visualization of herpes virus infections and immune response as well as their modulation

B2 – Cicin-Sain / Hauser

Control of latent herpesvirus infection by interferons

B3 – Melanie Brinkmann

Modulation of the innate immune response by the gammaherpesviruses Kaposi´s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus and murine herpesvirus 68

B6 – Chistine Josenhans

Host modulatory factors of Helicobacter sp.

B7 – Tim Sparwasser

Mechanisms of tolerance and immunity in mycobacterial infection

B8 – Prinz / Könecke

Towards the use of antigen-specific γδ T lymphocytes for CMV virus control after allogeneic stem cell transplantation

B9 – Abel Viejo Borbolla

Immune modulation and colonization of sensory ganglia by herpes simplex virus

B10 – Thomas Krey

Structural flexibility in the Hepatitis C virus glycoprotein complex as viral strategy to evade the humoral immune system