CRC 900 - Research Projects


About our research

Research into microorganisms and their mechanisms of long-term colonisation of people is central to the “Chronic Infections and their Control” Collaborative Research Centre. This interdisciplinary research consortium is financed by the German Research Foundation and brings together scientists and medical doctors from the Hannover Medical School, the Twincore GmbH and the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Braunschweig. The goal of the planned research is to build a basis for the development of new therapies and vaccinations against infectious diseases. The Collaborative Research Centre is divided into three research areas, interlinked by the projects.

  • Project area A will address the question of how the genetic variation of some microorganisms contributes to their long-term colonization of the human body.

  • Project area B focuses on the interplay between chronic infectious agents and the human immune system. Here the scientists are asking how the viruses and bacteria evade the immune system.
  • Project area C will investigate the factors in human cells that play a role in permanent colonisation by various viruses.